He lives local.

Which is kinda nice in the “we’ll get back together eventually fantasy”. But everyone. Including my Gran. Has told me this is never, ever, ever, gonna happen. They think they’re being helpful. I think they are pessimists.

Him living nearby is not such a good thing now that my breakup haircut has gone frizzy enough for local wildlife to nest in.

If I bump into Richard in the next, hmmmm, lets say 18 months, I will have to dive under the nearest park bench, static piece of foliage, or moving vehicle. Looking on the bright side at least I know the bad hair did not cause the break up.

A blackbird has just paused outside my kitchen window. And I’m sure he was looking covetously at my hair. My head officially resembles a bird’s home. Marvellous.

This week has to get better! Big love Evie XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx

Ok so this isn’t actually me. I don’t own a dog. And my hair is now shorter than this. But you get the idea.