They say there’s a fine line between love and hate. Well my music taste seems to have disappeared into the thin crevasse separating the two.

One of the things I hate about my Ex is he appears to have stolen my musical integrity when he left (along with a few of my CDs) and I didn’t have much to start with (that applies to both the integrity and the music collection).

My current top ten sing along songs (please don’t look down on me) are as follows;

  • 10) POLICE – EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE Slightly stalkerish. Which worries me.
  • 9) ABBA – KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU Aha…. Definitely the Abba version. Not Alan Partridge.
  • 8) CHER – I BELIEVE Yup I know. Just kill me now.
  • 7) HUMAN LEAGUE – DON’T YOU WANT ME He obviously doesn’t, but my not so subconscious is still posing the question.
  • 6) DOLLY PARTON – I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU When singing along with this tune it always seems easier to go with Dolly’s country twang than with Whitney’s impressive wailing.
  • 5) STEPS – TRAGEDY Never has a song been more aptly titled. My brain doesn’t even have the self esteem to go with the Bee Gees version.
  • 4) NO DOUBT – DON’T SPEAK I actually like this one. I’d just rather not have it referenced in mind forever to my Ex.
  • 3) KELIS – CAUGHT OUT THERE Now this one is like free therapy. Altogether now ‘I hate you so much right now’. See better already.
  • 2) SINEAD O’CONNOR – NOTHING COMPARES TO YOU Ok, combine a rendition of this with a few glasses of wine and it’s an optical flood.
  • 1) ADELE – 21 The entire album! I now know all the lyrics. Backwards.

 I think I need to stop the amateur karaoke before I drive myself bonkers.

If you have any suggestions of breakup songs for me to listen to, please let me know!