It’s that time of year when sentiment takes hold of your sanity and punches it in the head. As I am still seeing stars and slightly woozy, I wondered if you guys could help give me a moment of clarity.

99.9% of the fibre in my being is telling me it’s 100% ok, normal, functional, polite even, to send my Ex a Christmas card. But I’m worried that the 0.01% of me that’s reticent is my one functioning brain cell. And that brain cell is desperately jumping up and down and softly squeaking “No, no, no, don’t send him a card. Grow a little self respect you crazy lovestruck doormat….. And please don’t drink any more wine. If you kill me we’re both screwed.” Stupid brain cell.

Please help and give your consideration to this poll.

Next week’s poll? Should I buy him a present?………….Only kidding. Although…

Thanking you in advance for some cool, collected, unbiased advice, (please let me send him a card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).